You must be my ex
my ex-tra
my extra sex
sexy guy
oh my
your presence makes me melt
I’ve never felt
so tender
so divine
you are the sun
in my shine
these days I find
you’re always lingering about my mind
got me far behind
task on my J-O-B
you’ve got me
on a cloud
I’m so proud
to be your girl
you’re my whole world

my ex
my extra
my extra sex sexy guy
oh my
you've got those ultra sexy lips
got me gyrating my hips

butterfly fantasies
when your eyes meet mine
our thoughts are intertwined
I’m so glad we took the time
to know us well
I can tell
we’ll be together
until we’re old
the greatest story ever told
When your lips
touch my skin
I can’t pretend
to be anywhere but under your power

you’ve gotta be
my ex
my extra
my extra sex sexy guy
oh my
your presence makes me melt
and loose my senses
I let down all defenses

us two we fit like a glove
skin tight
you the left
I the right
a delicate flower
help me grow
continue to let me know
I’m special to you
just by doing everything you do
every blissful day
You take my soul away
fill my heart with fire
enhance all my desires
I could not ask for more
you’re the one I’ve waited for

You fill me up
then spill from my cup
You must be
my extra

My Thoughts

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Miz Portionte` Floes the poet, soulful expressionist, and vocalist, currently resides in the Pacific Northwest., Her poetry is refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny, and the list goes on., Every poem within her collection is prolific in its own right. Her use of rhyme and intellect are ingenious!, Miz Portionte` Floes performs weekly at the “Soul Shop” Spoken Word venue, in Seattle, WA, as well as Wallingford’s, Wonder Bar. Using the stage name Miz Floes, Portionte` has dubbed her technique as "Soulful Expression" (reciting and singing her imaginative verses with the accompaniment of a Live Jazz / Funk / Soul Band)!

Last updated May 01, 2016