Friendship should be strong
and warm,
whether office,school or hostel dorm,
Friendship is full of joy,
true friendship is, never a coy.
True friendship is a glorious gem,
when others are away,
they shine much more brighter
and stay,
Blistering love and joy they give,
Its tears flowing when they leave,
Friendship can be felt at heart,
at the first day when you met
Girl or Boy who cares,
Real friends are truly a phrase,
of pure love and joy and share
and care.

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Hi! My name is Ashwin Shaji. I am currently studying in class XII. I am from India. I love writing Poetry, Songs and Stories. I have some published poetry in Daily newspapers. If you would like to read some published works the just search on Google "Ashwin Shaji International Indian School"

Last updated July 06, 2015