Ganga at Rishikesh

Mother did you call me, to wake up with your river sound
And telling me to listen to you, as I saw you flowing between the mountains
Coming down from so high and flowing down so far
But mother I have gone away so far from you since so many years
And didn’t find anybody anywhere to learn your language
You are preaching love and understating since millions of years
Even the complexities of business and politics, today
I kept looking at you, the waves and whirlpools and hearing your voice within
Every visual manifestations are so different
On the changing backdrops of blue sky , white cloud and green hills
with the every voice of yours , your smile and anger , are you scolding me
mother I have gone away so far from you since so many years
But I learnt driving and computer , to reach back to you and write this few lines

Somenath Sarkar

Somenath writes poems and stories and articles since last twenty years. The subject remain all around the daily life, profession, nature and his spiritual line of thought. A Electrical Power System Engineer and entrepreneur is being day work, Travel, Photography and cooking are the others which keep him occupied.

Last updated September 22, 2015