Hope is a fragile seed

You make the world stand still
as if time were just a construct.
As if love were not a river
but a tree.
Strange how time
can abstract forever
hope is a fragile seed.

Book of Mars

Marcus Roi Medford's picture

My name is Marcus "Roi" Medford, also known as "Mars, the Poet" and I'm a journalist, poet and radio-show host. I've been writing poetry since I was twelve years old and published my first collection of poetry Book of Mars in July 2016. My poetry has also been featured in the poetry anthology Extreme Perception, The Ashvamegh International Journal & Literary Magazine as well as the Scarborough Campus Student Union's zine Xpression Against Oppression. This past winter I finished as a runner-up in The Art Bar's annual Discovery Night and was invited to perform at the Radicalized and Indigenous Students' Experience Summit.

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