I´m a cat

I'm a cat.

I am a cat.
I wake up every day after lunch.
It is true.
I sleep in morning.
In fact, I sleep until after four in afternoon.
Not because I'm lazy.
But because I'm up all night.
After my mistress says until morning my baby and she goes to sleep, I take the opportunity to stretch my legs and walk around the neighborhood.
I like walking through the walls of the neighborhood.
I feel on high.
But, there is a wall that I prefer.
In it, I find a friend: the dog.
Not that he can climb walls and accompany me, too.
However, every time I approach slowly, it seems he feel my smell and jumps with barking in my direction.
Because I stand on a high wall, he tries to reach out and play with me, jumping and barking non-stop.
I, undaunted and without moving an eyebrow, I stand there watching his insane banter.
After a while, I get tired and go out for my house.
Even far away, I hear your barking.
Tomorrow, I'll be back.
We're friends


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I am a brazilian poet. I believe that we should learn to feel the essential, no more and no less, just the essential.

Last updated April 30, 2017