I feel up!

I feel up,
Above the sky,
I feel up,
Above the world.

There are so many opportunities,
I ensure I use them to the fullest,
There are so many examples in my life,
For every circumstance, I am 'warned' before the arrival of the tempest.

The world is massive,
The people are generous,
No one can bring me down,
I've made people so jealous.

Fame is a part and parcel,
I'm so grateful to my fans,
They love me so much,
Everywhere I see my posters and stands.

The confidence in me,
Will never go low,
Life is too fast,
Be steady and slow.

I feel up,
Above the sky,
I feel up,
Above the world.

There's no fear,
When I've faith in you,
There's no regret,
When I do something new.

Life is full of ups and downs,
You can either swim or either drown,
There's a breeze of positivity,
I know you'll never take things lightly.

Once you're set,
You'll burn the stage,
There's no doubt,
You'll free the bird from its cage.

There I go, meeting all my well-wishers,
I can hear all their whispers,
They're saying she's so popular,
Like her, we'll never find another!

Mumbai, India

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I love writing poetries and articles. I have made writing as a passion. I want to become a journalist in future. Some of my articles have got published in the Inbox section of Hindustan Times. I am looking forward to publishing my poetries and articles.

Last updated July 22, 2015