I Long

I long,
Long for your teeth,
Your touch,
As you bite my neck, and strangle me,
Make my eyes flash.
I long for your hands, for your tongue,
As you hit me, tease me...
Just the way you treat me.
You love me, you hate me, you make me long for more.
To see the next line...
I long for everything you do to me.
I hide my scars, hoping for more.
Teach myself to walk, with a broken leg.
Nothing can keep me away.
You put your amazing spell on me,
So I will always long for you.
For your magic, for your pain.
For your hands hitting rain.
I make myself wake up, when my body tells me to not.
I long for your breath, your heartbeat.
You gave me marks, you gave me scars.
You made me bleed, you made me scream.
You broke my hand, you broke my leg.
One day, soon one day;
This longing for you, will keep me away...

22 years old, Danish., Has two dogs.

Last updated December 03, 2016