I devoured your love
Breathless wants and woes.
Unending, unconditional,
Still not enough
To soak every tear.
Goodness you poured
Drained through
Gritty filters.
For peace, you left
To discipline ravage
In safe space.
Apart, in solitude,
my voracious desire stuffed by silence.
Alone, reflective,
I collect remnants
that age sweetly
In private cellars:
Guilt, pure-bred, bleeds compassion.
Will that nurture
Holed ego
to wholesome health?
Satisfy emptied value?
Heal depressions that hollowed
servant heart?
My concerns overflow
And spill onto memories,
they flood the future.
If you choose to come back,
I’m here
Filled to give.

I welcome readers to apprecieate beauty and critically wonder. There is much to explore between the lines on pages and in daily life.

Last updated November 07, 2015