It Can Never Dry

It can never dry.
It will never dry.
It won't die
Until I die.

I write, just like real writers
In history, daily. Like water,
It flows in me.
Its bank is in me.

My blood is my ink.
With my soul it links.
Even If there's nothing to write
About such situation too I write.

Each and everyday,
My pen tweaks on the paper.
It bleeds and cries, everyday,
And soars like viper.

You can't trade it.
You'll write daily if you own it.

Writers will always write
Even if things aren't right.
Writers do write,
Even in a tsunami they write.

When life smiles at them,
They write.
When things gang up against them,
They write.

Their pen is always bright.
Even if they are dying they write.
Whatever they imagine they write.
Their insinuations too, they write.

My works fly like the wright's.
Get your minds ready for them.
They can come late in the night.
Even if its the daybreak, grab them.

I create them daily.
And to my order, they rally.

When in their embryo
I nurse them
When I blow in them soul
I unleash them.

They queue in words
But they're mightier than swords.

Ayeyemi T.K. Aswagaawy
3/12/2015. 08:00AM.

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Ayeyemi Aswagaawy is an award winning Nigerian writer. He is the Author of the awe-inspiring book "Live Your Dream" and "You Have A Talent."

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