It was just someone

I like you very much,
I like your Beautiful eyes.
It like my first crush,
I like you when you shy.
It was like my story is been started,
I know that I have many better choice.
you are the person who take me on those stairs,
where I don't need any other pair.
I love you recent,
you are like very decent.
after you broke up;
I don't know for whom reason.
I want to talk: you said 'shut up'
after love is not my passion.
It was just someone who need me,
It was just someone who care for me.
It was just someone I regarded as love
It was you
It was you
It was you.

Aayush rana

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Still Studying but knows about poems. I am very inspired by the great poet Sir Robert Frost and I love the poem about the two paths in our life. We are born to do great works to make our parents feel proud of ourselves .

Last updated October 31, 2016