Love comes and love goes

Love comes and love goes
But I can never catch though which part of my heart it flows
Everytime I see a beautiful girl like blooming sapling
My heart fills with love song and I sing
But never I thought is it a love or a crush
Cause when they are in my sight I'm always in a kind of rush
But once I got a beautiful girl like a beautiful bird
And I'LL felt she is the only one for me in this world
I'VE never felt like this before
And I think are friends or something more,
When I sing I hear her in my voice,
When I study I read her choice,
When I sleep I see her in my dreams,
When I sit under a shade I see her in my shadow,
But just the next moment I hear my mom calling me,
And i rejoice that it was just a dream,
But still I thing whether my dream girl will come or not,
But then I say it's none of my thought,
Cause I know someday she'll be in my arms.

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I'm Priyajit Deb Nath, my age is 15 and I'm in class 9 from Don Bosco School Agartala, my parents are Pranab Deb Nath and Sumita Nath

Last updated February 06, 2016