Mine is the Lifter of Mountains


Mine is the lifter of mountains, the
cowherd, and none other.
O sadhus! there is no other-I have seen
the whole world.
I left brothers, I left kindred, I left
all I had.
Sitting near the sadhus, I lost worldly shame.
I looked at the devotees and I was one with
them; I looked at the world and wept.
With tears I watered love's creeper
and it took root.
I churned the milk, drew out the ghee
and threw away the whey.
Rana sent a cup of poison; I drank it
and stayed ecstatic.
Mira's attachment is strong-what was to
happen has happened.
O friend, I cannot live without the
Mother-in-law fights, my sister-in-law
The Rana remains angry.
They have a watchman sitting at the door,
and a lock fastened on it.
Why should I give up my first love,
the love of my former life?
None else pleases me.

Last updated July 05, 2015