Mirror, Mirror

Answer me! Mirror, mirror on the wall!
Who among them is the baddest of all?
Is it the belle who came with some vengeance?
Or the beau who never had repentance?

Their past was never truly good to them.
And now it haunts them in their every dream.
May their hearts learn that it can't be undone.
Everything is now history and gone.

Move on for nothing lasts 'till forever.
Live your today as gladly as ever.

The Philippines

JB Nuique's picture

Hello, there! I am actually thegalwithmanynames. But you can call me Jae. I am from the Philippines. I was fifteen when I had my first poem and it was a disaster. I am still trying to write just to express what I feel every time I experience things. And having grammatical errors is one of my weaknesses from the millions that I have. Anyway, enjoy! ^_^

Last updated November 03, 2016