Missing You Dad

Many years have passed
I will never forget the day
Someone rang to me
that you have passed away

It still pain like an open wound
Round my mind goes
Cry behind my shadow
walk along in sorrow and weep

People are of consoles
But I pack myself in a box
They try to open hard
But I never let it go

I wish I was the last born
Daddy's little son
Remember the hold of your finger
But Alas! I have lost the battle won.

My origin was just an infant
You brought me up as a kid
Atlast I started understanding your importance
Sorry, now you are absent. God forbid

When your name come
I shatter and blow
But everyone knows it well
Now I don't need to pretend anymore

Still I see the chair rocking
Crackle and noise on the floor
The pavements are clear with no shadows down
finding myself alone, just a matter of ignore

I know your presence is just in memories
I see you in skies, smiles are watery then-
Feel in cosy wonder and wish
that I could feel your presence once again

Shahrukh Shaikh

I am Shahrukh Shaikh, 19yrs Indian., A sophomore medico, having a deep intrest in writing I take not this as a skill but a gift that require recognition and I personally feel that this is a best platform for me to showcase my work. I hope you would like and appreciate some of my initial writing's. If you all could help me out it could boost me as a recognised writter

Last updated May 31, 2019