My First Love

Benches were the soul witness,
for the outset of our love story.
I didn't knew , what love is??
swiftly, i fumbled with excitation.

Fable with started with your essence,
surrounded me something new.
while everyone was portending me,
I just monitored you.

I had knew this will happen one day,
but didn't knew this way.
That time I felt Sorry ,'not for you'
but ..for my friends
whom I never listened too.

we meet again and fought again
but well said "once broken never tied again"

Our life was different ,our paths too
I loved you ,more than anyone could,
but you thrown me like everyone do

kamini R Thakur's picture

I"m a collage going student, pursuing 20 years old. my hometown is Himachal Pradesh. my strong areas if writing is love, family and life. i started writing when i was in 11, that time i used to write for my friends. Then i stared writing on love as well. I can write articles as well.

Last updated March 15, 2017