My Love For You

My love is like the rain in the desert,
as beautiful as the sunset.
As warm as the sun rays,
as important as a mother's embrace.

The weather might change from time to time
People might not go in Rhyme,
My love won't fade away,
even though you choose not to stay.

the leaves may fall from the ground,
time might come I won't hear any sound,
people might no longer come around,
I would still be here, my feet and hands are bound.

My love has no ending
From Fall to Spring.
I won't ever let you feel alone,
in my arms you're always at home.

You might want to leave once in a while,
might be a hundred thousand miles.
I won't beg you to stay,
just follow your heart because my love is here to stay.

If time will come you realize your love is too weak,
take your time I'm just here, so to speak.
No need to rush just live your life,
I can endure anything in strife.

and if you realized you simply cannot love me,
don't feel despair it means it's not to be.
There is no reason for you to feel unhappy
because my love will set you free.

[Dedicated to you my very own Sinichi]


Jheigh Sunga's picture

Hi, my name is Jheigh and I love writing poems so much and the theme of my poems are mostly about love and life. I want to share my poems for those people who could not express themselves well. I put my feelings into writing because that is all I can do. I hope those people who would read my poems could also find their inspiration to write poems as well.

Last updated November 12, 2016