My Religion

My religion is not a stray dog.

As it preaches
So it practises
It walks the talk.

I hail from the oldest antiquity
Where there was zero religion
It was crystal to me
It is very much even today.

It doesn't see someone's caste, colour and race
Nor does it believe in purity of blood
A distinct cross-thread.

It’s not narrow street road
Ends at a cul-de-sac.

My religion is just like the sky
Has unlimited horizons
Room for peace and fellow feeling
Opens the door to everyone
Blacks,Minjung,Dalits , Aboriginals and women
Everyone is a darling

Which religion do I belong to?
You may reprimand me
Saying bloody goof!

My religion doesn't prescribe a holy war
Dharmayudh, crusade or jihad
My religion is not a house divided
It enchants the benediction
Relegere is the tenet
That gives birth to my religion
It binds humankind together.


Pitambar Naik's picture

Pitambar Naik was born and brought up in western part of Odisha in India, educated in Sambalpur University for a BA and in Osmania University for an MA. Works as a copywriter with a leading advertising company called Eye Ads in Hyderabad. He is an MA in Journalism and writes poems and short stories in English, his works are published in various journals. He can be reached at and said hello at07207643877

Last updated May 08, 2016