Nothing To Win And Nothing To Loose

Nothing to win, Nothing to loose

I sustain my life with curses
And presume this body to live
Without disarming the thoughts now
I've nothing to win & nothing to loose
Close you stand before me
And ask me how to live
Close your eyes and remember
You have nothing to win & nothing to loose
Perhaps I surrender my life of lies
Before to start a war against my deeds
I command them to return to lord
Coz I have nothing to win and nothing to loose

Shahrukh Shaikh

I am Shahrukh Shaikh, 19yrs Indian., A sophomore medico, having a deep intrest in writing I take not this as a skill but a gift that require recognition and I personally feel that this is a best platform for me to showcase my work. I hope you would like and appreciate some of my initial writing's. If you all could help me out it could boost me as a recognised writter

Last updated May 31, 2019