Old Soul

There's a place for you,
Deep inside my heart,
In the space between,
The broken parts,
And it hurts like hell,
When heaven strikes,
Never tasted right,

Better to go blind,
Then to see you gone,
When the time was right,
Baby you were wrong,
So I shut the light,
And I closed my soul,
But you still broke in,
And made yourself at home,

I waited for too long,
Thought the day would come,
That's the price you pay,
For being young,
Always knew this life,
Was made of glass,
But I still cut myself,
On the shattered past.

Allen James's picture

My name is Allen James. I am a 24 year old poet from Brooklyn, NY. I am also the singer/ guitarist/ songwriter for my band "Newborn".

Last updated July 19, 2015