On A Better World

May be the personality does not fit in,
The village shares a devious grin.
Only if their closed minds knew,
Lucifer’s heart might have a different view.

One day I hope they will see the light,
Fearless of the black and the dark knight.

Of this hamlet I know this much,
There is no place as serene as such.
But many do deny dissimilar thoughts,
Conscience sleeps in the royal cot.

Will I find the place someday?
Where difference is accepted without a say.

Where every soul will tell a tale,
Where sparks are reflected not left to stale,
Where night is cherished as much as day,
Where hearts are bound by heaven’s clay.

Hell’s fire shall strength that hold,
Sun shall shine over the art cold.

Asim Rafiq Mulla

Asim Rafiq Mulla's picture

Brought up in Karwar, a small town in Karnataka, India, Asim Mulla is the new coming of age poet who takes you a step closer to base human emotions.

Last updated September 25, 2015