Only a frigid zephyr left from her trace-
Reigned over the room that was once a warm place;
Only a pale moon sheded light on my dim view-
Showed but a shadow that have lost you.

Tranquility of the night wafted voices in my head-
Past voices serenaded like songs for a dead.
Nostalgic reminiscence had nothing but reminded me-
To utter sorrows I sooth beared after glee;

Filled with blue, sat impassively in my arrest-
Died down by sorrows of loss with sluggish gest;
And heaved a deep sigh of despair-
Retired heavily on my old made lime chair.

My vapid eyes were closed like asleep-
Just to repulse myself not to weep;
Yet my heart teared desperately at that moment,
And have thought to myself these are where I meant.

I should stick out every night in my life-
The pain like a stab by a knife;
That the wound doesn't heal after time,
But gets worser like a chronic crime.

Thou tempest won't still-
Inside me, that keeps me ill;
With my regrets from my deeds,
Render void only upon death leads.

Set sail in the sea before heavy waves,
Aboard the unwilled captain who craves;
Longing for something does not exist before him,
Will turn his voyage a null and dim.

I should have not steered this course,
What beauty it'd brought, without thee was just a curse;
That blossomy flowers were meaningful only before thy ears,
Morning light was been so promising only when I saw thee for some years.

It could have been me feeling thy warmth from thy love,
If only I treated it as greater as above;
I should have gave thee comfort,
But rather the one that caused thee discomfort.

Thou I, what a fool thou hast been,
I wasted the most ever queen;
Too late to realize,
That your love had come demise.

Time and space are before us to shape our fate,
Once given unto us, treasure it and celebrate;
And we shall commit none any mistake,
It only comes once, so hold it firm that nothing could ever shake.


Hi, I write poems because I love expressing my feelings and emotions through poetry. So to describe myself as a poet, I am more on using themes like dark and loneliness. Somehow, I still use bright emotions and feelings in some of my compositions.

Last updated November 09, 2016