Poetic Justice

"We are inborn colorless. So we wear colorful dresses. You would be natural colorful by your smiling face. Smile has many colors."

"Stupid world wants love but intelligent world distributes love."

"Love is only weapon against any type of hate."

"We are children of the Almighty. So we are inborn prince or princes. We are not beggar."

"Every problem has natural solution. Keep patience, the earth is moving."

"A true man respects women and every true woman loves the man."

"Best relationship in the world is the relationship between sister and brother."

"Most valuable award is life."

"True love is life."

"New meaning of love is Life Oriented Valuable Emotions."

"He is not a social-man who lives in society. He is a social-man who loves society."

"A man lives without literature and another man wears no garments. Both are naked in the world."

"I am a citizen of India but resident in the world. Truly the world is my mother land."

"India is not only a country but also the soil of poetry, philosophy, spiritualism, science..."

"Poor men eat cheap foods but rich men eat expensive drugs. Who are the luckiest persons in the world!"

"What is the similarity between a scientist and a poet ? They are searching truth."

"Power makes a man devil not saint. Power is dangerous in our life."

"The world knows everything. The world understands something. The world feels nothing. The earth is in trouble."

Quotes by Sandip Goswami, INDIA


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A poet for everybody who has purified brain and wounded heart.

Last updated June 16, 2016