Moon ripples shining against the luscious of you,
Like the fur of a velvety cat up to mischievous feats.
Orion’s belt adorning your left ribs, next to the lung
That breathes me in and out, unpretentious and coy.
There is a stretch of anticipation hidden under the day
I can smell its ring of newness and the smile within.
My bosom fits perfectly below the curve of your cage
And envies the dependence of the constellation on
The very anatomy that builds itself under my eyes.
Verbal events horizontally whispering on slayed lips
And I slip them quietly into my vernal pockets as
I keep the fortuity of us into the certainty of them.

Witty Fay is a translator by trade and a humanist by nature. She has been writing herself into her poems for some time into the virtual world at Destiny Poets, Writers Cafe, Poetry Soup, Indiana Voice journal, Screech owl, Ink sweat and tears, Every Writers Resource and Verse Wrights . Also, she proudly had her bilingual volume of poetry, Nefelibata (Brian Brixon Books, 2014), published and she is aiming at unraveling prose. Wearing the many hats of the aspiring poet/writer, she draws inspiration from the people she meets, the places she travels, and the books she reads.

Last updated July 19, 2015