Red Rose

You look like an open heart
Many use you to win the heart,
Like you ooze fragrance
Broken hearts bleed penance,
They say you come with a thorn
Do they know your plucking pain,
Presenting you as a symbol of love
Do they see your wandering drone,
They see dripping scented drops
Do they know it’s your tears.


Vadassery Thaiparambil Rakesh's picture

A journey that started from a sleepy but picturesque village of Kerala, India. Among the hustle and bustle of struggle what we call life, the poet tried out with crime fictions first. For an author of two published novels, poetry came as an instant gratification of creative urge. But the world of poetry is as delicate as a fragrant petal, that no one wants to get away from. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but it is the poet who makes beauty come to life.

Last updated May 01, 2016