I was atop a lofty height high up in a 'fly'
I was aboard a dangling 'luft'-filled structure high up the sea
And I, I trekked miles and pressed my form on through ruggedness and fine dunes
These bleak moments, all appeared sublime and meek; on my lips ghosty tunes
Where was I headed? Nowhere
I am just a traveller! Eyes not blue
I am on the move, chased by the sounds of ratatatata, kpakpakpa and hweeee boooom
I am running, running away from empty and crazy men of doooom

At home yesterday I jumped happily with family; not ever after
Here I stand on the move reaching for help; ever in despair
Finally, I have arrived somewhere 'bare' to be Listhauged
When I turned to 'am I my brother's keeper'?, there too I have been Trumped
Now, hear me oh hear me, humanity hear me, walls have fallen and will not rise again
You are common, Humanity, very common to all of us and with you may laughter remain

Trondheim, Norway

I hold a MSc Natural Resources Management degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Ba Geography and Resource Development from the University of Ghana, I have studied poetry at high school, it was here that I developed love for poem writing, I am interested in subjects and themes such as inequality, discrimination, love, nature, geography

Last updated March 11, 2017