Sadness is something i am not used to feeling
but because of you its something I staring to get use to.
Taylor Swift said just shake it off,
but it is not something you can easily turn off.

Days pass by, hoping one day I could look at you in the eye
without feeling sorry to myself, without this pain.
Smiling to my heart's content is what I can do
I can't let this emotion to bring me down.

I know to myself I can get over you
I have to and that is what is should do.
I have to wake up in this bad dream
All I want to do is to scream..

I hate myself when I see you
I can't believe this thing happened to me
I could like anyone here
anyone but you, it's so funny I could die at this moment.

If you know about this you might laugh at me
or you might be laughing at me at this moment.
I can't get angry at you or feel bad about it,
because anyone would feel like you do.

I know you might hate me or avoid me
Or you might think I'm kinda creepy.
but I hope you would understand
that I didn't mean to feel this way.

You hurt me unknowingly
like when you say you like boys,
I know that it's your choice
but I can't help feeling that way.

I hate the way I feel but the crazy thing there is,
even though you can never like me
and it's impossible for us to be together,
I still like you come whatever...

One thing I am asking of you
please don't hate me for liking you.
I didn't mean to do that,
I won't force you to like me too.


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Hi, my name is Jheigh and I love writing poems so much and the theme of my poems are mostly about love and life. I want to share my poems for those people who could not express themselves well. I put my feelings into writing because that is all I can do. I hope those people who would read my poems could also find their inspiration to write poems as well.

Last updated December 07, 2016