Shadow of Love in the Rain

by Arne Jensen

Through rainswept streets I fly and dance,
My hope; the shadow of my love,
And in the darkness take the chance,
No light below me or above.

Like diamond dust, creation's tears,
Fall together by the hour,
And burn away our empty fears
Into a phoenix-rising power.

From sidewalks grim and buildings tall
To mottled freedom, open park
My hope it cries with clarion call
Releases fears into the dark

My hope; the shadow of my love
My only thread, my link through time
My memory free, soft as a dove
Though out of reach, in vain I climb

Up stairways of my mind I run
In vain I search (as rain comes down)
For other hope, but sadly, none
To match this shadow that I’ve found

Musings of a Fevered Mind

Arne Jensen, Australia, Musings of a fevered mind

Last updated September 20, 2016