Song of a Lover

Just as a candy does dissolve
When cuddled by human's tongue,
So do my heart melt
For your sweet love I've felt.

My heart, like a wet candy
Showered by juicy saliva seeps
Deep down the digs of my emotion
To find your love in me.

My feeling is clung to you,
Like claws of lizard on wall it hugs.
Making sight of you get my eyes glued
Making my heart shiver and quiver.

Who shall school me on
How to resist your glowing smiles,
Which flows from your pimpleless dimple!
I tell you my love, my beloved,
Your beauty pours into my eye hole
And seeps all the way to my soul.

A thousand times you've heard it said
Here am I to hit it on the head…
With a difference…
‘I love you!’

Caprecon Love Poem Anthology

Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa is a highly inspired Inspirational and motivational writer, poet and speaker with an eloquent ability to express issues of concern., "Speaking Pen", as he is fondly called, is a post-modernist when it comes to the use of text. Words are toys he plays with and swords with which he fights for justice and advocates for the truth., Sunday is a typical African child, who was not born with silver spoon. Yet through hard work, he eventually triumphed through unleashing his potential., He is very objective as he drives home his points lucidly. He is unequivocally empathetic about impacting on people from all walks of life. He is the Principal Director at Speaking Pen International Concept., Rev. Samson A.I. described Sunday as having a distinctive voice within his generation, and says that he should be heard and read., Sunday’s poems are contained in several International anthologies like "Art of Being Human" and "The Phenomenal Woman: Maya Angelou". He won the FPASU Award as Most Inspiring Writer 2013/2014 and also got the prestigious ACJ/CNN Outstanding Young Achiever Award in 2014. He was awarded as CWAN Literary Emperor in 2014 and also made EGC Top 50 Nigerian Poet List 2014.

Last updated September 20, 2015