The future wont talk

The Future wont talk

Under the scorching sun
I Will tell my tale
That entails the walk
Walk of the once cowards but battered
The said harlots with Charisma
With atomics of skinning the léopard

Under the scorching Sun
Black feet Will flap the streets
Potholes to those Who Will dare to run
Ours is a recount walk
Not a count on walk With a talk

Under the scorching sun
We shall Light up the pearl
We shall cease darkness and jilt Words
No more Tamale's and mwenda's
Lets preserve our angelic voices
For paradise is in our reach
Hoping steady progress befalls the blue plains


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Just hilarious and his poetry is inspired by nature, personal feelings and life... friends call him the walking poet of the 21st century. An undergraduate at Makerere university with Bachelors of Arts with Education (English and Literature). He started writing poetry back at St Marys vocational kyamuhunga. He hails from Bushenyi district UGANDA.

Last updated September 07, 2016