The memories of king

Oh my lord, king of kings
once you stand on throne of the earth
playing the world on your cold command
Thousands of battles you fought
Rivers of blood and tears that flowed
Time still holds those memories
Even mighty utters a cry of despair
looking your works of vanity
you built strong health or strong wealth
But sooner or later it came to rest
None ever escapes the sluttish time
your victories of battles
your statues of earthly metals
Nothing beside remained
Since dead man tell no lies
your vanity and arrogance is all
To be received by you
As past memories till eternity

Neptune Barman's picture

I am 18 years old, i am studying in XII standard in science stream at DSR Academy Nalbari. I have published many of my poems in Local Newspaper like The Young Planet of The Asaam Tribune, and recently i have published a book too in Amazon named MY POEMS FOR YOU. I love writing poems it is a medium to express my feelings and how i see the world with my eyes. My Poems are selected in two American journal, The Evergreen Poetry and From the heart.

Last updated January 21, 2017