The one who got away

He was attracted to me before I could even utter a single word
The moment his eyes caught mine he was smitten
Before he could take my hand for an intro he was already planning our future together
I had him before hello
It had nothing to do with my appearance
But everything to do with his deliverance
He'd barely given me a scout when his eyes met mine
He hadn't seen my ever so straight up cleavage
Barely had the time to see my rear
Before I could even reveal my ever so charming smile, he had already drifted a my eyes
I could see it in his eyes
The surprise of seeing me for the very first time and the attraction that went with it
I could see it all in his eyes
He couldn't hide it because it it was genuine
The moment his eyes met mine,
He knew at that very moment I was a mine
A mine that possessed the most precious gems
That moment when our eyes met, I could almost read his mind
I could almost hear him thank God for his answered prayer
I was that answered prayer
By the time our hands met for an intro, there was a moment of sacred silence
As we embraced the electrifying chemistry that immediately surfaced as we touched
We tried to make sense of what we already knew
Ignored the attraction with small talk
Trying to be as tough as a rock
But every word I uttered sounded like a mid summer night delicacy that his ears just wanted to hear more of
So attentive in our conversation
So fixed on my face
I could feel my heart pace
I could've sworn it was in a race ...

Sinesipho Makaula

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21 years old, I'm a huge book fanatic... I'm in love with writing... South African from Durban. Writing is my passion.

Last updated August 15, 2016