The Wall's Ballads - Chant I

Chant I

The Wall

The Wall is a bloody creek
And the names are its bricks
If the names that it uses you know
you can understand where you’re now
And you can see your place into the days
where your spirit is been glued
if you know the names that It uses.
The Wall is a bloody creek
Are Its waters\bricks
unceasing and strong
and without mercy into soul they flow


The Wall is the stomach of Bhaar
and it is an abomination
that swallows the souls
and the spirits of all creatures
Bhaar captures the souls
to do bricks of his Wall
and souls he kneads
with the horrible creatures
called “The Powers”:
the thoughts into his mind-head.
The names of Wall
are mind of Bhaar:
A long and bloody creek of names
are the bricks of the times.

Wall's Ballads Poem

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She writes with the poem about her inner fantastic worlds ., She's Italian, but she loves English language.

Last updated September 20, 2015