They Came From Afar

Ever wondered why
So much trouble's on earth?
Wish they could just fly
Away like pains at birth?

Our mothers know how it is,
The great pains in labour;
But there's great joy after this,
A moment to savour;

Still there's much to ponder,
Just where did they come from?
There's every need to wonder,
For they have filled the drum;

We haven't lost hope,
Just a craving to know;
More easily will we cope,
And gather courage to sow;

It's been on for ages,
But won't last forever;
They come in different stages,
And they prove quite clever;

Now how do we trace it,
And where do we begin?
It seems a direct hit,
Can't stop us singing;

We look up to the sky,
And the mind travels far;
All we can do is sigh,
Our troubles came from afar!

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(Medical Doctor, Editor, Novelist, Playwright, Visionary Poet), Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu is the author of Africa's first full-length futuristic romantic suspense novel, 'EVERY TIME WE MEET'., He is a medical graduate of Delta State University, Abraka. He hails from Oteri in Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria., He attended Government College, Victoria Island (GOCOVI), Lagos where he served as Senior Prefect. He effectively utilised this position to win laurels for the school, participating in and winning various Quiz Competitions, Essay Competitions & Inter-School Debates., Kennedy is a much traveled personage. He has visited virtually every medical school in the country, exchanging vision and ideas. In 2006 he was among 18 delegates that represented Nigeria in the National Convention hosted by Federation of Ghana Catholic Health Trainees, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra. He repeated that feat in 2009, leading 24 delegates to another edition of the Conference., He was the National President of the Federation of Catholic Medical and Dental Students (FECAMDS) in his undergraduate days. He was also the Founder and National President of the Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA)., Kennedy is the author of the critically acclaimed international blockbuster novel, TWISTED., An avid reader, Kennedy enjoys stories of love, adventure, mystery and suspense. He is also a playwright and visionary poet., He plays football and loves music., He has his beloved mother to thank for the inspiration to write., Official website:

Last updated September 01, 2015