To my Animalias( To my Friends)

They are my coffee in the cold weather
And sometimes a lovely sweater
They keep me warm, they make me comfy
To pass the night with a peaceful reverie

Their blissful smiles and glittered eyes
Makes me want to hold their hands,
And sway it all along the street
While shouting "these are my friends!"

It's fun to remember the memories we shared
Laughing and bullying one another
Keeping secrets, keeping promises
That make us one and stronger

Having a friend is like having a family
They are gift sent from above
To make you happy, to give you charity
To love you unconditionally.

Reign Denise Garcia

She's an ordinary girl who stays always in the shadow of others. Books are her best companion, she is fond of literature and art. She believes that life is death and her biggest fear is to stand into the phalanx of people.

Last updated December 29, 2016