Uncharted Feelings

Undecipherable emotion
I want you and yet I don't.
indecisive heart
I would love to love you but I can't.

an unexplainable feeling
I am happy I am in love and yet sad.
exploring the possibilities
It might happen and it might not.

unbelievable situation
something that you can't even imagine.
unreciprocated love
the most painful thing you can experience.

unbreakable spell
wishing there's a way to let go and move on.
indescribable happiness
that could help you surpass the pain.

unpredictable actions
that could lead to wavering heart.
unsatisfied feeling,
that makes you ask for more.


Jheigh Sunga's picture

Hi, my name is Jheigh and I love writing poems so much and the theme of my poems are mostly about love and life. I want to share my poems for those people who could not express themselves well. I put my feelings into writing because that is all I can do. I hope those people who would read my poems could also find their inspiration to write poems as well.

Last updated November 03, 2016