Welcome I say, how long has it been. I'm sure I last saw you when you were a teen. I have missed you so much. Your hands still have such a soft touch. My heart is yours and you are more majestic than a lion's roar.


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My name is Mbakiso Lesetedi, born on 9 August 1995. I originally come from the Republic of Botswana in Africa. I started school aged five years at the kinder garten of YWCA in Botswana. Then I proceeded to Legae Primary English Medium School for standard/grade one to four. Later on I went to London, England and did grade six at Bishop Gilpin Church of England Primary School; in Wimbledon Village during the last half of 2004. Where I got the best prize in the competition of art. Onwards I progressed to Rutlish School for Boys in Merton to do grade seven, all this happened while my father was working for Diamond Trading Company Botswana and was transferred to the United Kingdom of England with our family excluding my eldest brother;who stayed when we moved to the UK.We came back in the beginning of 2006 then I completed my standard 6 and 7 at Legae Primary .

Last updated November 24, 2015