What heart can beat

The heavens shattered,
But the merciness never poured down.
Filled the coffers already filled.
Deserted the already deserted.

What heart can beat!
When you snatch the soul of it.
Riddled with grief,
What heart can beat.

The thunderous clouds broke asunder.
But what a grief!
Deluged were the puppets underneath.
When others soaked their throat with tears.

What is it to live a life!
The very inch of it,
Reeks of bastardliness.
Every second of it,
Adding to the villainies.

Soddened of contemptuous thought,
What heart can beat.
Strayed off the hallowed path,
What heart can beat.

Ere the darkness darkens.
What scant light is this!
That dazzles of hope.
And lightens the shroud of despair.

Yonder lies the east.
And there resurrects life.
But woe to the heart,
Deafened of silent beatitudes.
And groans of constant ingratitude.

Mohd Ameen

Mohd Ameen's picture

This world astounds me. It's all divinity that surrounds us. It's all music and magic that envolops us. It's the mystical note that keeps on playing. And sometime He makes this note flow through my pen.

Last updated March 07, 2016