When you decide on one of lifes many paths
Do be kind and let me know
When you decide to stand on your own two feet
Keep in mind you’ll need to grow
When you decide to love not hate
Do not be afraid to come and show
For even in the face of a blizzards torment
Or in an avalanche of unforgiving snow
I still think clearer than any childhood sky

When you have dreamt one thousand dreams
Inside your cave of gloom and desperation
When you have finished fighting your thoughts
And are willing to leave behind stagnation
If you long to feel your peak like a flowers bloom
Do come out and join us; it’s a time of celebration
For come that day when lights go out
And shadows haunt the path you’re on
I ask of you, do be kind and let me know

Free verse

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Just some social trash spouting out vague nonsense which somewhat adheres to poetry in structure and content.

Last updated December 15, 2015