You are the One

The way when you look at me
I had no words to articulate
Thought time had clogged for a while
And made quicker where the heart beats
It is your eyes or an ocean of love
Where I can't swim just plunge deep and deeper
I lost my words when I want to speak to you
You got a faultless blend of God and Nature
Whom you marry will have a happy future
It is a overwhelming moment when you play with your golden hair
I angry if anyone looked at you by here and there
I don't know but may this is called love
I still stand beside the wall where bus came to pick you
It's only 7 days only I know that your name is YOU..

Prasenjit Das

Prasenjit Das's picture

Hello!!, I am from India and glad to be here, want to show my expression through number of Poems that I will publish..

Last updated December 12, 2016