Your Strength

You say you are impossible and behave like a strong boy,
Deep down I know you and your acting makes me annoy.
Why you afraid of showing your love and care,
They are cute little things which is rare.

Say 'I Love You' when you feel like,
In return I will say 'I Miss You a lot' which mean alike.
A lot means allotting more of me to you,
Each time I say, I don't say it out of the blue.

I will be your strength when you go weak,
Just said it now so that you don't feel bleak.
Don't set away your hopes so soon,
Because there is going to be a new moon.

God is there with us, so does we are with each other,
May He help us take our dreams further.
Laugh and enjoy these so called tough times,
They make us brave sometimes.

"An aspiring IT professional along with the biggest dream of perusing her hobby of writing to reach the destination called Creativity". Poetry makes me fly freely thereby leaving behind all kinds of emotions.

Last updated October 02, 2015