So Long!

I long to see your face like your my president
i await by the back door at dawn with hopes that you will show up
i get puzzeld everytime i hear a door bell ,
aint you missing me too?
what happended to family times

its a day before christmas
you diddnt make it last year
granma tickles me to try cheer me up
with her faked bed time stories just to put me at ease
she always tell me
''maybe he is on his way ''
deep down i can see she missded you too

so i guess its just granma and i ,
when christmas comes , we look at the stars and wish you were here with us
but dad,
i wont await anymore , cause i know you not coming home
this time around il change my wish,
this around i wont miss you ,
and finally when you decide to come home . i promice you , i will not be waiting.

I am a 20years old female who went through thin and thick from a very young age, i dont like talking about it but i find pleasure in writting, so this ia an opportunity for me .

Last updated May 31, 2019