Quotes by April Mae Berza

Empathy is in between apathy and sympathy.

Honor comes first than humility in my dictionary.

Writing is life. A life is worth writing about, writing for, writing with.

We acknowledge others in our prayers, in the privacy we let them have and the intimacy we share with our circle.

Trying hard to be easy on myself, to take a break, to relax, after a day's adventure, to be at peace with the environment I am into, to the human nature I have.

Every-Filipino-must-read poetry for every Filipino must read.

Get to know me, not just by words of others, try to be a companion or anyone, be somebody in my life, hope you won't regret. Make me laugh, too. That is a measure of one's character. My world is the same world we are all in. Hope that world is a world of loving, learning and listening to the world we are into.

Inspire the children,
light their path;
we are the Youth
the one in the garden.

Our lawyer is our own conscience.

Humility begins at home, especially on your own.


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