Quotes by Jay Frankston

Adam and Eve were not expelled
from the Garden of Eden.
They jumped the fenceo

There are windows
that you can look through
either way
and be inside or out
by making a choice.

Seven layers above the horizon
there are ships that sail
forever out of sight
never looking back
never seeing the foam in their wake
strings of pearls hanging from their mast¸

You work too hard.
You drink too much
and the genie is still in the lamp.
There are ripe berries
on magic bushes
and a tree out there
you haven't climbed yet~

Breathe! Breathe deeply!
Breathe as if it were your first breath!
Drink in the air
with the fullness of your being
and feel the thirst that it satisfies.i

Sppeak up!
Break the silence.
Don't let them do it
without you.
There is no virture in acquiescence.
You're either a mover
or a silent victim..

You are a great person.
I decided that before I met you.
It isn't difficult now
to confirm my opinion.
Nor would it have been
had I decided you were a jerk.

Leave the files on the desk.
Leave the dishes in the sink.
There's better things to do.
The circus is in town.

The q uickest way
to get rid of a headache
is to drop a sledgehammer
on your foot.

Shakespeare said:
"The whole world is a stage".
Then life must be the performance.
But who wrote the play?
What are our roles?
And where the hell is the director?›


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