Birth Story

Rabindranath Tagore

The kid asks his mum,
'From where did I come,
Me where did you find?'
Holding him tight in an embrace
In tears and laughter
The mum replies,
'You were in my mind
As my deepest wish.
You were with me
When I was a child
And played with my dolls.
When worshiping Shiva in the morning
I made and unmade you every moment.
You were with my deity on the altar
And with him I worshipped you too.
You were in my hopes and desires,
You were in my love,
And in the hearts of my mum and grand mum.
I don't know how long
You kept yourself hiding
In our age old home
In the lap of the goddess of our family.
When I bloomed like a flower in my youth
You were in me like its sweet smell
With your softness and sweetness
You were in my every limb.
You are the darling of all gods
You are eternal yet new
You are of the same age as the morning sun
From a universal dream
To me you came floating
On the floods of joy
That eternally flows in this world.
Staring at you in wonder
I fail to unfold your mystery -
How could one come only to me
Who belongs to all?
Embracing your body with my body
You have come to this world as my kid.
So I clasp you tightly in my breast
And cry when you are away for a moment
I always remain in fear I may lose
One who is the darling of the world.
I don't know how shall I keep you
Binding in what magic bond.'

Last updated January 14, 2019