Number 1

by Raj Arumugam

two days ago
we argued about food
and my sweetheart
she moved out;
she picked up her pillow
and she slept in the next room

the next morning
we joked and laughed
as if nothing had happened
but in the evening we argued over
her phone bills
and that night she moved out
even further –
she went to sleep in the third room

this morning we laughed again
over muffins and pancakes and coffee
and at 9 pm
we shout at each other
room to room, bed to red
blaming each other about dinner
and she screams:
I’m moving out!
and she moves back to our room
where I am
and under the quilt
I whisper to her:
I always knew
you’d come back to Number 1

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...been thinking in the language of poetry and scribbling verse from as early as I can recall of my days...FLASHBACK: born naked in India in 1955...was shipped to Singapore in 1961, well-packaged...sent myself over permanently to Australia in early 1998...FINIS: ...just can't get out of the poetry-mind...

Last updated August 30, 2011