Catching the Rain

I catch the rain, speckled - droplets of life on my skin.
The pure water that instills life in our beings, soul, our kin.
I catch the rain on my face to feel the wetness
in the heat of the yellow sun - in that brightness.
I embrace the dark wet earth
as it envelops me for a moment in its warmth.

I rise with the sun go where the wind takes me
to far horizons of this world and others in it's fury and fume.
Pondering over green lush valleys of fruit and sweetness.
Hovering with the humming birds
as I smell the scent of the honey dewed mistiness.

My soul enters the deep white clouds.
I feel the fresh stream of water on my limbs,
I meditate on the moon
as it transfixes me into their world of rapture, purity and fun.

Their world, uncorrupted by the immoral vices of men.
I, drinking only the cup of purity in their den
in that faraway world where our dream begins
our wakefulness ends.

Dare I make an oath to God?
Dare I be one with this Magnificence, Nature and the Universe?
Dare I venture atop the highest mountain?
Look down at the lake of my soul and sing this verse
so I can see without my eyes
yet see my soul deep in that dark blue lake.

Dare I smell without my nose and feel without my skin?
Inhale the sweet scent from that lake,
feel the cool waters of that creek,
have a vision rich, colourful, and vibrant
with hues of red, blue, green, and yellow, my soul radiant.

The brightness of my union with Nature and God as I swim,
dive within the deep depths of my existence without care or whim
in this time amongst the willow.
I slumber in deep sleep now on God’s soft pillow

Raj Napal

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He was born in Port-Louis, Mauritius. His family emigrated to Britain in the late 60s. He practiced law in England for a number of years before moving to Ontario, Canada in the mid 90s. He loves writing poetry some of which he shares with his 2 teenage children and other people. He currently practices law in Ontario. He is really keen to use words in such a way in predominantly free verse form to create an emotional impact on his audience.

Last updated October 14, 2013