Single Women

Single women, single women
How do you live?
I live with dignity and honor
I work to the best of my ability
I care for myself and my family
I long for a happy life
But I am a loner
This world does not care for me
This world does not give me due status
I do not command respect and love
I fear in this world
There is no one to hear me
I am a loner
I pray to god everyday
I toil hard throughout day
I burn midnight oil to survive
I wish to spend time with others
I do not feel tied in relations
I am a loner
Single women, Single women
How are you?
I am fine but not fine
Give me my due regard
Treat me as one amongst you
Give me help as you help others
Do not treat me as a stranger
I am a Single Women, I am a Single Women
Shower your affection and care
Help me in fighting odd circumstances
And permit me freedom in my actions
Do not make me feel a loner, please


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Dr.Ranjay Vardhan "Chandigarhia" is a poet and author from Chandigarh, India. He has authored six books including one on Poetry. His books are available in best libraries of the world like London School of Economics, Harvard University, Cambridge University, American Library of Congress, etc.

Last updated January 05, 2018