I dont have money

no i dont have money

what can i do?

when i dont have any?

pull up your socks,

dont be a sissy

i put my leg through

but i see my piggy

my socks are torn

yes they are torn!

rats in the house,

I couldve sworn!

Im hungry

oh im so hungry!

i look into the fridge

something smells fishy...

a liitle bread,

a little rice

to drink the milk

wouldnt be wise

now im sleepy

very sleepy

the night is young

but im so lonely

maybe ill watch tv

what joy that wud be

shud see discovery

but i watch pornography

zoop!..T.v's gone

i see nothing,i hear no sound

not just that

the lights are'nt on

gotta pay my bills

i should pay my bills

i cant live like this!

Or ill end up taking pills

I need money

and i need it now!

what can i do

can u tell me how?

Im neck deep

in debt

im so poor,that i

wash my shorts in my own sweat!

Shud get a job

or a bank,i will rob

but now i sob

and my head begins to throb

Ill do anything

anything for green

ill be anyone

even if i gotta be mean

Is this what u become?

when u dont have money?

what can u do,

when u dont have any?

Rashmi Sreekumar

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I think of myself as a creative person with varied interests.I am a Matchmover by profession and love to work in the field of Vfx and animation.Since childhood ive been interested in poetry.

Last updated October 07, 2012