LET Go..

Let go, a truth so bitter;
Let go, a wound so sore
For nothing in life is permanent;
And 'Change' is the only constant !

Let go, a hidden drop of tear;
Let go, a secret concealed & obscured
For a day that follows the night without remorse;
From a grappling 'Dusk' to a delighting 'Dawn' !

Let go, the mask that covers your identity;
Let go, the shield that safeguards your dignity
'Coz, you are the betrayer, the only traitor;
Who can deceive others but the real 'You' !

Let go, the profound pain that agonizes you;
Let go, the sinful urge that torments you
For 'Time' alone is the best healer;
Like a 'Boon' to mankind in disguise !

Let go, the evil neighboring you;
Let go, the devil inside of you.

Your overblown 'Ego' & overstated 'Attitude'
Limitless Idiosyncrasy & Eccentricities!

Let go, your fear, hurt & resentment;
Let go, broken promises & hollow commitments.
For Life is too petite to brood over 'Insignificant Issues'
Like grains of sand; waiting to be eroded with ceaseless TIME !!!!


Renu Ayyar's picture

Writing poems come natrually to me, very similar to breathing air. It helps bring out the best in me & keeps me connected with my inner self.

Last updated August 19, 2011