I Write a Poem

I write a poem that will entertain the world.
A poem that will fade someone's fear.
The one that will inspire you to smile.
Something that can make you out of mind.

I write a poem for lovers and friends,
To describe the feelings, how is love moves the earth.
A poem that encourages deads to live.
To keep the sun shines over the fields.

I write a poem that makes the whole world read.
A sentimental of a heart from lover who left.
The adventure of a man who travelled the lands and seas.
The agony of a woman who lost her baby.

I write a poem....
Until my ink gets dried.
Until the sun meets the horizon.
'til there's no tears fall in my eyes.

I write a poem...
To fall in love once more.
To hold the hand of a new lover,
To see the stars, the moon in full bloom.

I write a poem....
Until the last leaf falls in tree.
Then my life fades in the shadow of eve.
And every memories be left in dreams.

I write a poem....
Please care to comment and sealed with a kiss.
Choose one or two to be your favourites.
And dont forget, fave the author of masterpiece.

Ria De Torres's picture

I'm a typical woman from Asia. I love to sing, writes a poem, makes everyone smile and laugh. I do believe that life isn't that easy.It's like riding in a bullet train.I love the stars, the moon and skies, the brilliance it portrays at night.I used to speak with the trees, flowers and plants... I also love to look up when the moon blooms so bright!I'm a mother of four beautiful children and they're my inspiration to live.I love to create a poem when I'm happy and feel so down. This is how I describe myself, and I have no plan to change it.

Last updated November 26, 2014